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John Della Bosca: another angle

I noticed this letter from Tony Trimingham yesterday, which sums up perfectly the other side of politics: the part that actually makes a difference:

Whatever you think of Della Boscas personal indescretions I want to record my thanks and appreciation for all the good work he did as Special Minister of State and then Health Minister especially in regard to the problems of drugs and alcohol. Here was a man who took a deep personal interest in these issues and who was always open to listen to the concerns of those affected. No other Minister in this portfolio showed the same interest and concern as he did over his years involved. ‘He also made real and effectective changes. This is a loss that all my colleagues in the sector are now feeling. I also feel that at the moment he must be feeling friendless and isolated and just want him to know that many in the field are feeling sadness at his going in this way.

I tend to agree with the line former premier Bob Carr and many others took this week: a minister’s personal issues aren’t necessarily a hanging offence from a ministerial or policy perspective. That said, the NSW Labor government is so past its use-by date that nothing surprises anymore. Unless they parachute Barrie Unsworth into the premiership – then I’d be truly gobsmacked.