Using both motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy

A training opportunity:

Why do you need both MI and CBT? 

Motivational Interviewing (or Motivational Enhancement Therapy) and cognitive behaviour therapy (typically Relapse Prevention Therapy) are the two core skills in AOD therapeutic work.  It makes sense to combine a therapy that increases motivation with one that enhances emotional and behavioural skills. These are the two things that are often missing or underdeveloped in AOD clients.

But they come from very different theoretical frameworks.  MI comes from a humanistic tradition in the style of Carl Rogers.  It’s a directive client centred therapy.  Relapse prevention, on the other hand, is one of the behavioural and cognitive therapies.

So how do we integrate the two?  Most research using these two different theoretical frameworks uses MI in the first 1-3 sessions to increase motivation to change and then, sequentially, CBT to improve emotional and behavioural regulation.

This is an effective approach if someone has low motivation to change their drug use when they come into treatment, but what about people who are already motivated?  And motivations waxes and wanes over time, what happens when motivation drops in the middle of treatment?

The real art to AOD work is being able to seamlessly use the two approaches right through treatment.  We aren’t talking about the strategies and techniques here, although they can be useful.  What is needed is an understanding of how people change, an ability to listen for what MI calls ‘change talk’ and the ability to adapt and move between the two styles collaboratively providing direction and strategy (CBT) or using a more questioning style (MI) to assist the client to move forward to change.

360EDGE is offering two workshops in August to help you develop these skills and understand how and when to utilise them seamlessly throughout treatment from assessment to closure. 




21ST August

FORGET THE A-B-C’S.  Come to this fun interactive workshop and go behind the scenes to understand the mechanics of CBT for AOD.  Find out what makes CBT tick so you can tailor strategies and treatment to different client presentations.

This foundation workshop offers a practical introduction to core practice skills in AOD treatment.

This workshop is for practitioners new to CBT, new to AOD, or wanting to brush up on their core CBT skills (Beginner to intermediate level)

  • Understand the underlying drivers of change in CBT
  • Learn how to structure a session to get the best outcomes
  • Master the key strategies and when to use them

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Integrating MI and CBT in AOD

22 August

Find out how to effectively blend the two core interventions in AOD treatment to achieve better client outcomes.  This practice based workshop shows you how and when to utilise MI and CBT seamlessly throughout treatment from assessment to closure.

This workshop is for those with some basic knowledge of CBT and MI wanting to refine their practice.  (Intermediate to advanced practitioners)

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Cost (per workshop)
Earlybird $350 (by 7 August)
Standard: $450 (after 7 August)
Includes electronic handouts and resources and unlimited free follow-up support post training, and morning and afternoon teas and lunch

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