Breaking the Taboo: Drug Policy

A global campaign has been co-ordinated by the Beckley Foundation aiming to break the taboo on drug policy, draw attention to harms that arise from the War On Drugs and argue for a rational, evidence-based response that is driven by human rights.

A celebrity driven social media campaign is joined by a documentary called Breaking the Taboo, narrated by Morgan Freeman, and featuring most notable figures in world politics speaking out about the subject: e.g. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, Fernando Cardoso (ex-President of Brazil), Cesar Gaviria (ex-President of Colombia), Ruth Dreifuss (ex-President of Switzerland), and Ernesto Zedillo (ex-President of Mexico).

The film will go live on-line at YouTube, with Google as a partner, on 7 December. A massive online campaign and petition hosted by Avaaz are other features.

A viral campaign has already started with the Breaking the Taboo YouTube Channel. Clicking on the link below you will be able to see some celebrity virals which have already reached over 35,000 views in the few days it has been live. Watch it here: