ADIS on Twitter

ADIS, Alcohol and Drug Information Service, is the NSW statewide service providing 24/7 anonymous, confidential telephone service for anyone affected by someone’s use of alcohol and other drugs. ADIS is available to substances users, their family and friends, health professionals and the community at large. Staffed by experienced counsellors and health professionals, and with an excellent database of services and agencies across NSW. ADIS is a non-judgemental low threshold gateway to education, support and treatment.

ADIS offers education, information, referrals, brief interventions and crisis counselling.

ADIS can be found on Twitter as @ADIS_NSW . ADIS will be tweeting about substance use, seeking information and support, facts and research, and latest news, and seeking to connect with other health agencies and experts in the field.

ADIS will be tweeting from APSAD this week, using the hashtag #APSAD.