NSW Election and Ice Podcast

The NSW Election seems to have been a fizzer from a health policy viewpoint, with the Greens’ drug policy attracting the most attention, particularly from the tabloids. I’d love to hear of any significant policy announcement from any party that would change the status quo in relation to prevention or treatment.

On a totallt different tack, the School of Population Health at the Uni of Melbourne has released a podcast that may interest AOD professionals:

“The Ice epidemic is of major concern to governments around Australia. This podcast episode analyses the so-called “Ice” methamphetamine epidemic. Through an analysis of the available survey health data we conclude that the recent hype around crystal methamphetamine is misplaced. Methamphetamine use, while of concern, is not increasing. Indicators of drug use in Australian drug-using populations suggest that the use of methamphetamine has been stable since 2001.

At a time when governments around Australia are preparing responses to the so-called epidemic this podcast reviews the evidence, the media coverage and some health promotion approaches to methamphetamine use. The podcast is an essential listen for drug and alcohol service providers, policy makers and news makers who are concerned about evidence-based approaches to social and drug policy.

The podcast may be accessed at:


For further information please contact:

Dr John Fitzgerald (0417 391 982)

Mr Andrew Dare (8344 0664). “