Ice facts, ANCD media monitoring and Hep C

Firstly, a communication from NDARC:

“The NDARC Education Trust (NET) is a separate arm of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) that provides education, resources and training to a variety of audiences. NET is proud to announce a new brochure to add to their resource catalogue – ‘Fast Facts on Ice’.

Over the last few years Australia has seen the emergence of new forms of methamphetamine available on the illicit drug market. Traditionally methamphetamine available in Australia was of very low purity, which was sold in a powder form as ‘speed’. However, in the past few years Australia has seen importation of high purity crystalline methamphetamine, or ‘ice’. This fold-out booklet is an easy-to-read, informative and up-to-date resource which provides basic information on ice. It covers a range of topics, including psychosis and dependence. Extensively focus-tested, ‘Fast Facts on Ice’ is suitable for a wide range of people who may come into contact with the drug.

The fold-out brochures are available for 55c each, inclusive of GST (minimum order 20).

If you are interested in ordering this exciting new resource please download an order form from our website.

Alternatively you can contact NDARC Reception and one of our friendly staff will either mail or fax you an order form. “

Secondly, the ANCD have launched a free media monitoring service, which sits on the right hand side of the ANCD Home Page. It’s predominantly mainstream media so you’ll still need to rely on quality sites like this blog for wider coverage 😉

Finally, if you’re interested in Hepatitis C and would like to attend the National Hep C Health Promotion Conference:

“National Hepatitis C Health Promotion Conference Scholarships

Hepatitis Australia (formerly the Australian Hepatitis Council) is hosting a two day conference for health and community workers with an interest in hepatitis C prevention and support.

Attendance at the conference is free to those with an interest in hepatitis C health promotion.20 scholarships of $500 each are available to support attendant’s travel and accommodation costs.

For further information on abstract submission visit or call 02 6232 4257.

Scholarship applications close 4 April, 2007″