ACSO Criminal Justice Conference 2013 – Melbourne

7th ACSO Criminal Justice Conference – Melbourne 7th – 9th October 2013
The number of people presenting with a range of complexities, who interface with the criminal justice system has steadily increased every year across Australia. Concurrently, prison numbers regularly reach new records and courts continue to experience lengthy delays in processing complex cases.

The reality is, our fragmented service delivery approach is failing clients who often navigate complex service systems in the community, courts and in a custodial setting. Whilst proposed reforms seek to improve the outcomes for the offending population by enhancing their prospects at reintegration and rehabilitation, the inevitable question is are we ‘striking the balance’ between justice, support & safety and rights & risks?

The 2013 ACSO Criminal Justice workshops and conference seeks to engage delegates in discussion and debate around ‘striking the balance’ between providing community based treatment and support to offenders, whilst mitigating the risks posed by the offender to the community.

Who should attend? Policy makers, researchers and frontline staff working with people with complex needs who may come into contact with the justice system.

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