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Summer Semester 2012

3 Courses Offered

Commencing November 26th


HPRM7004 – Introduction to Substance Use and Misuse – external

Introduction to Substance Use and Misuse is a core course in the ATOD program. This course provides a general base of understanding for the core concepts surrounding alcohol and drug use. The concepts and behaviours associated with drug use are described including drug actions and styles of use. The course links drug use and its consequences with aspects of government policy, health initiatives, policing and media. Stereotypical views and images are challenged as students undertake exercises and review key articles.


PUBH7028 – Alcohol in Contemporary Society – external

This course will examine patterns of alcohol use from a national and international perspective, social and community factors influencing alcohol use, legislation to control the distribution and sale of alcohol and population efforts to limit the harms associated with alcohol use/misuse.


PUBH7124 – Tobacco Cessation and Control – external

This course describes the history of the 20th century tobacco smoking epidemic and the consequences for population health and public policy. It equips students to carry out detailed analyses of the prevalence of tobacco use and tobacco related harm in Australia and other countries, as well as tobacco control policy and programs at the regional, national and international levels. The course enables students to assess the effectiveness of tobacco cessation strategies. These processes of analysis and assessment are critical to developing effective responses, at population and individual levels, to the considerable burden of tobacco related illness.


How to Apply

Contact QADREC for more information or to obtain an application form. Applications are invited for either of the three university semesters (beginning March, July, November) each year.



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