New Workplace AOD resources


As you may be aware, the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) at Flinders University has a strong interest in the area of workplace health and safety. Our interest particularly focuses on issues that involve alcohol and or other drugs. NCETA has undertaken an extensive program of research in this area and developed many practical resources for use by researchers, policy makers and coal face practitioners.

We are pleased to provide you with details of a range of new NCETA workplace products that you may be interested in; they are:

1. Workplace Drug Testing: Evidence and Issues. Pidd, K., & Roche, AM. (2011) – a comprehensive review.

2. Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing. Pidd, K., Roche, AM., & White, M. (2011) – 4 page flier.

3. Young workers and workplace safety: Guidelines for managing alcohol and other drug risk. Pidd, K., Roche, AM., & Wilson, P. (2011) – a 20 page document.

These resources stem from projects undertaken by NCETA with funding provided by the South Australian Government through SafeWork SA.

If you would like hard copies of these resources or further information regarding our work in this area please contact the NCETA reception desk on 08 8201 7535 or email

Electronic copies of these resources can be downloaded from the NCETA website