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For almost a year we have been working with people around the world strengthening the global movement for drug policy based on science, not ideology.

*Today over 20,000 people have endorsed the Vienna Declaration.*

We have been amazed by the support and enthusiasm of people like you from all around the globe. To capture that energy, we asked some of our most outspoken supporters for their thoughts on the Declaration’s call for evidence-based drug policy reform.

*Click here to hear what they have to say.* [ ]

Some stories are inspiring and others remind us of the very real obstacles facing drug policy reform. Taken together, these six videos [ ] remind us why “everyone” must join together and commit to overcoming these challenges.

*We are halfway to AIDS 2012. Share these videos and help us make an impact.*

The biennial International AIDS Conferences are the largest HIV/AIDS-related gatherings in the world. Next year the AIDS 2012 conference is being held in Washington DC – the birthplace of the ‘War on Drugs’. Join us in sharing these videos [ ] with friends and networks as we begin building towards to this major event.

Using email, Facebook, and Twitter to promote our shared commitment to evidence-based drug policies, we will continue to make our voices heard and help drug policy reform become a reality.

Thank you for your endorsement and your continued support. We look forward to working with you over the next year as we build towards AIDS 2012.

All the best,

The Vienna Declaration Team

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