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International Overdose Awareness Day 2012

A key message for International Overdose Awareness Day 2012 concerns UNUSAL SNORING.

Many fatal overdoses (and those resulting in brain injury) occur when someone lets a person affected by opioids (including some common painkillers) “sleep it off” because they don’t realise that deep and unusual snoring can be a sign of an overdose already occurring.

The more people that know this the more lives can be saved.

To help increase public awareness of this, Anex has put together a 30 second community service announcement in collaboration with Melbourne production house SceneOn. This will be aired on Channel 9, 7 and Foxtel in the lead up to August 31. It is also supported by a radio advertisement which was distributed nationally.

See the television commercial at www.overdoseday.com, and share it with your networks.

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