International FASD Awareness Day

[Via the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education]:

Today is International FASD Awareness Day. Please consider showing your support for this day. One way would be to simply share this email. Other was are outlined below.

What is International FASD Awareness Day?

International FASD Awareness Day is observed every year on 9 September, with bells rung at 9:09am in time zones from Australia to Alaska in recognition of the nine months of a pregnancy. The day aims to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and the outcomes for individuals and families who are living with FASD.

This year the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) is joining Australian, and international, efforts by asking people to raise awareness on social media and commit to being alcohol free for the day. We’re also asking you to support health professionals who are pledging to speak to all women about alcohol to prevent FASD.

 How to show your support

The Australian FASD network are asking you to show your support by pledging not to consume alcoholic beverages on Wednesday 9 September.

You can download and share one of the attached images – or print them out and take a photograph of yourself with this message – then share your post on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever platform you choose) along with the hashtags #FASD and #FASDAwarenessDay.

For example: “#Alcohol free to prevent #FASD. I’m supporting international #FASDAwarenessDay”.

 NOFASD Australia

As the national peak organisation representing the interests of individuals and families living with FASD, NOFASD Australia will be very active on International FASD Awareness Day. Vicki Russell, Chief Executive Officer will be at the first Strategy meeting of the Community Drug Action team in Narrabri and Adelle Rist, National Educator will be in Narrandera with the team there.

NOFASD’s Ambassador, Emeritus Professor John Boulton describes FASD as the condition “hidden in plain sight”. Let’s make sure FASD is in clear sight.

Help NOFASD support individuals, parents and families living with FASD by raising public awareness in Australia. You can support NOFASD Australia’s work by donating, following@NoFASDAustralia on Twitter, liking NOFASD Australia on Facebook or by joining their network of supporters and encourage others to do the same.

 If you’re a health professional

You can promote FARE’s Women Want to Know campaign which encourages health professionals to speak to women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy about alcohol consumption.

A range of information and resources for health professionals are available at or you can undertake online training through Royal Australian and New Zealand College of ObstetriciansRoyal College of General Practitioners and Australian College of Midwives.

You can also go international and take The Arc of the United States’ pledge today to talk to women about alcohol consumption:

 Not on social media?

You can still take part by speaking to your friends, family and network about this important issue, and including information about International FASD Awareness Day in emails and newsletters that you’re sending out that day or week.

 What is FASD?

FASD is an umbrella term for a range of disabilities resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure. FASD is the most common preventable cause of non-genetic, developmental disability in Australia. Children born with FASD have a range of learning, behavioural and developmental disabilities that affect them for the rest of their lives. To learn more about FASD and FARE’s policy position visit