The story of alcohol use in pregnancy

Via the ADCA Update list:

The story of alcohol use in pregnancy

As outlined in the FARE e-news on 3 Oct we are pleased to release our new training video ‘The story of alcohol use in pregnancy and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders’. This is a ‘must watch’ for anyone that is involved in the care and education of children.

The video was written and narrated by one of Australia’s leaders in the field, paediatrician Professor Elizabeth Elliott from the University of Sydney, and filmed by cinematographer Melanie Hogan.

It explains the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and provides an invaluable overview of FASD – its characteristics, diagnosis and prevention.

If you would like a hard copy, the DVD can be ordered from the FARE online shop for free (excluding postage costs), or you can view it in full online through our Vimeo channel.

Watch ‘The story of alcohol use in pregnancy’ online