PHAA recognises Public Health Leaders

From the PHAA:


Public health experts and practitioners from around the country and overseas have come together for the Public Health Association of Australia’s (PHAA) 43rd Annual Conference in Perth.  The contributions of outstanding leaders in the field of public health have been recognised at an awards ceremony this evening.

Sidney Sax Medallist: Professor Tarun Weeramanthri

“The Sidney Sax Public Health Medal is the Association’s pre-eminent prize.  PHAA bestows this competitive award annually on a person who has provided a notable contribution to the protection and promotion of public health, solving public health problems, advancing community awareness of public health measures and advancing the ideals and practice of equity in the provision of health care.  This year’s winner is Professor Tarun Weeramanthri,” said Michael Moore, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the PHAA.

“Professor Weeramanthri is among the longest-serving Chief Health Officers in Australia, with more than ten years combined at the helm across the Northern Territory and Western Australia.  He is a highly-respected and accomplished individual and an exemplar of the 21st century Chief Health Officer: scholar, physician, and advocate for health.  His steadfast commitment to social justice, his dogged determination in championing preventive health and investment by governments, his capacity to embrace and lead change and his ability to infuse the same passion for – and commitment to – public health in others are exceptional.  Most remarkable is his unwavering commitment to public service, his faith and knowledge of what good can be achieved through working in government and his personal endeavours in making a difference to the lives and wellbeing of communities he has – and continues to – serve,” said Mr Moore.

Public Health Mentor of the Year Award: Professor Melanie Wakefield and Associate Professor Stephen Lambert

The highly regarded Public Health Mentor of the Year Award has also been presented to dual winners this evening – Professor Melanie Wakefield and Associate Professor Stephen Lambert.  This award is made to a senior member of PHAA who has made a significant contribution – and demonstrated outstanding dedication – to mentoring early career professionals/practitioners/students.

“Professor Melanie Wakefield is an outstanding public health leader who is probably best known for her research on the effects of tobacco control policies and programs.  Professor Wakefield’s career spans over three decades and her commitment to mentoring the next generation of public health leaders has been a hallmark of her commitment to building capacity in public health research.

“Associate Professor Stephen Lambert is a renowned epidemiologist with a primary interest in public health and communicable diseases.  Associate Professor Lambert provides an excellent example for his students and the public health staff he mentors by promoting research, education and training, professional and personal development.

“On behalf of the PHAA I’d like to congratulate Professor Weeramanthri, Professor Wakefield and Associate Professor Lambert – three of the leading lights in public health in Australia,” said Mr Moore.