ADCA under Administration

What a sad state of affairs this is:

ADCA under Administration

Subject: ADCA Office No Longer Staffed from 1 March 2014—Impact on ADCA Services

Dear Friends and Members of ADCA

This message is a further update from ADCA in light of the Abbott government’s decision on 25 November 2013 to defund the organization, resulting in ADCA being placed under voluntary administration.
Despite best endeavours by ADCA staff, our Board and many members and concerned parties to find ways for the organisation to continue, it will close its doors on 28 February. ADCA will no longer be able to participate in any committee or advisory roles. All ADCA staff will cease to be employees after 28 February, although some remain individual members of the organisation.

The ADCA Board is considering options for keeping the organisation operational in some form and will communicate with ADCA members and other organisations to that end.
Failing last minute action by the government, the role ADCA plays as the national peak will be lost from 28 Feb. This includes advocacy to government and the broader Australian community on behalf of the sector it supports, representation on a range of committees and national advisory groups, collaboration with the sector to develop greater understanding of issues, an agreed approach to minimising harm, and raising awareness on alcohol and other drugs issues.

Without a government decision to the contrary, valuable reference services, products and resources provided by the National Drugs Sector Information Service (NDSIS), including the collection itself, will no longer be available.
If you are currently a financial member of ADCA, you will be aware that NDSIS member services also cease on 18 February, and you will have been advised of arrangements for accessing e-journals, Addiction Information Monthly and Drug Contents. Any requests for information should be directed to NDSIS Manager Jane Shelling (jane.shelling) before 28 Feb.

Other NDSIS clients who may not be ADCA members should understand that:
· Today’s Drug News and other ADCA generated information on Update ceases 18 February
· Ask a Librarian – no longer available
· Book borrowing – no longer available
· Facebook and Twitter – no longer available
· The National Inhalants Information Service (NIIS) website will be available in the short term but is no longer being updated
· The Register of Australian Drug and Alcohol Research (RADAR) website will be available in the short term but is no longer being updated
· Drugfields website will be available in the short term but is no longer being updated.
There is no guarantee how long the NIIS, RADAR and Drugfields websites can be maintained. Also, to the best of our knowledge, the annual Drug Action Week will no longer occur.

We are hopeful that the Save ADCApetition can be presented to the Prime Minister sometime in the future. In the meantime, the petition remains open. We urge you to sign it if you haven’t already done so, and perhaps comment on why you think the government should rethink its decision. You may also like to encourage your networks to do the same.

Thanks for your support for ADCA over the years. The staff have enjoyed working with you to achieve a better future for those affected by alcohol and other drugs, whether they be the individual themselves, their families and friends, and the people that work so hard to research the issues, prevent, intervene and provide treatment and support. Keep up this important work.
Should you have any further enquiries after 1 March, please direct them to Henry Kazar at the ADCA administrators Kazar Slaven; phone 02 62851310 or via hkazar
Yours sincerely


David Templeman
Chief Executive Officer
Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia
Po Box 269, Woden ACT 2606
Ph 02 62159800
Fax 02 62810995
Mobile 0414265122

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