Online Survey: Using and Reducing Use of Bush, Hydro and Synthetics

Using and reducing use of bush, hydro and synthetics

Have you been a regular user of cannabis (yarndi, gunja, pot, marijuana, hydro, skunk, etc.), or synthetic cannabis (such as Thai High, iBlaze, Tropic Thunder, Kronic, Spice, Cloud 9, Black Widow, etc.)?

If you are currently over the age of 18, we are interested in knowing about your experiences. The survey has questions about your use of cannabis, your experiences of ‘hanging out’ or withdrawing from cannabis, sleep, and some questions about you and your general health. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

It is hoped that this study will provide relevant information to guide the development of resources to assist people who choose to reduce or quit their use of cannabis. No identifying information is being collected, so your views will be anonymous.

Many thanks for considering our survey

NCPIC has provided a poster advertising the survey and this is available for download at the following link and the survey can be found here.