Mental Health Assessment of Aboriginal Clients

Mental Health Assessment of Aboriginal Clients

ENDORSED by the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association

and INTRODUCING a day and a half workshop on

Suicide Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

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Dr WestermanDr Westerman is a recognised leader in Aboriginal Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. She is one of the most sought after trainers across the country with her workshops sold out each time they are delivered. She has personally trained over 9,000 individuals Australia wide. Dr Westerman is a descendant of the Nyamal people near Port Hedland, WA. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma (Science, UWA) in Psychology, a Masters Degree (Clinical Psychology, Curtin University) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical and Health Psychology). Her award winning Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research provided a much needed evidence base regarding the role of culture in the development, maintenance and treatment of mental illness for Aboriginal people. Her ongoing research and practice has continued to validate and develop a number of unique Aboriginal mental health training programs, psychological tests, assessment protocols, service delivery models and Whole of Aboriginal Community Mental Health and Suicide Intervention Programs.  Click here for more information

Mental Health Assessment of Aboriginal Clients Learning Outcomes

The only workshop in Australia able to measure and develop Aboriginal Mental Health Cultural Competencies*

  • *Participants complete the Aboriginal Mental Health Cultural Competency Test (CCT) prior to the workshop. A profile is then generated which can be used as a cultural supervision plan. Dr Westerman’s training programs have demonstrated evidence of improving measured cultural competencies of participants Click here for more information
  • ACCREDITATION in FOUR psychological tests developed specifically for Aboriginal people including the Westerman Aboriginal Symptom Checklist – Youth aged 13-17 (WASC-Y) – the ONLY uniquely developed and validated psychological test for Aboriginal youth worldwide (Canadian Health, 2009)
  • Learn how to ensure ‘cultural compatibility’ with Aboriginal clients and how cultural differences translate with counselling and engagement skills
  • Assessing the difference between cultural and mental illness including:
  • Trauma and how it manifests in Aboriginal people
  • Attachment and Cultural Parenting Differences – addressing trauma from forcible removal
  • Culture bound depression and grief – evidence based treatments AND MUCH MORE…


Suicide Prevention in Aboriginal Communities Learning Outcomes


  • This training program has been developed from large scale (population) data collected via the Westerman Aboriginal Symptom Checklist – Youth (and Adults) which means that it is based on evidence regarding the different risk and protective factors that exist for suicidal behaviours in Aboriginal people. It is the only program in Australia specifically developed for Aboriginal people and on empirical evidence. As a result IPS has been highly successful in the development and delivery of Whole of Aboriginal Community Suicide Prevention Programs across 16 distinct Aboriginal communities over the past ten years.
  • Dr Westerman has been recognised as a world leader in Aboriginal suicide as a result of her unique approach to this highly complex and challenging area. Participants will walk away with a unique and practical understanding of the following
  • How to engage effectively with a suicidal Aboriginal client
  • How to translate differences in the nature of Aboriginal suicide into effective intervention strategies for the individual and communities
  • Cultural engagement skills and effective individual and communityinterventions.
  • Translating the different risk factors into a unique Suicide Risk Assessment Tool and MUCH more…
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