The Australian Rechabite Foundation: small grants program



The Australian Rechabite Foundation (ARF) is a prescribed purpose fund established in 2009 as part of the demutualisation process of the IOR Friendly Society. The friendly society has its origins in the Independent Order of Rechabites, a temperance society. The ARF’s small grants program supports community-based initiatives that foster change within communities and individuals to reduce adverse effects from alcohol.

Organisations with objects consistent with the prevention of alcohol-related harms are invited to apply for grants through the ARF’s small grants program.

Organisations must be:

• Existing Australian-based entities with Deductible Gift Recipient status (applications from individuals will not be considered)
• Able to demonstrate an understanding of the challenge of supporting changes in communities and individuals in relation to alcohol
• Able to confirm that they have no funding or support of any kind from manufacturers, importers, distributors, sellers or other parties in any way associated with the sale, distribution or promotion of alcohol
• Able to complete planned projects within the specified time period
• Able to comply with all conditions outlined in the Funding Agreement, including the ability to plan, budget and report on results and implications of the funded project at its conclusion

Organisations may be:

• Providers of community support services (including clubs and associations)
• Involved in research
• Involved in teaching, training or provision of educational services
• Sporting bodies or associated groups
• Other groups with objects aligned to the ARF’s mission to build knowledge of the harmful effects of alcohol, inform lifestyle choices and encourage/support change within communities and individuals.

Projects must:

• Be grounded in evidence of potential effectiveness, in the case of action projects.
• Address issues which hold promise for reducing alcohol problems, in the case of research projects.
• Undertake to collect and provide evidence of the project’s effects in relation to its aims.

Terms of Grants
The ARF has $25,000 to allocate in its small grants program for 2012. Grant selection will be merit based and the number of grants made will depend upon the evaluation process. The ARF will consider applications for the entire $25,000, however any such proposal must be of sufficient calibre to warrant exclusion of all other applications Applicants are therefore encouraged to provide alternate plans and funding amounts where possible Grants are one-off opportunities; your proposal may be self-contained, or may be presented as the first Phase in a planned ongoing program, or as a Pilot phase of a larger project planned for subsequent years. The ARF anticipates running its small grants program yearly and recipients of funds in 2012 are welcome to apply for further grants in subsequent years.

How to apply
If you meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying for a small grant please email to request a copy of the application form.

Important Dates
Applications close on 23 March 2012. Funds will be distributed on the signing of Funding Agreements in May 2012.

Sample Funding Agreements are available upon request to: