AOD and Comorbidity DVD resources

Via Sushi Productions:

These DVD resources have been developed from evidence based best practice and illustrate a range of counselling skills including generic counselling skills, assessment, motivational interviewing, problem solving, goal setting, relapse, as well as best practice skills when interviewing couples and families. They are invaluable tools for mental health, generalist and specialist drug workers who encounter people with drug related or mental health problems, as well as significant others concerned at someone else’s drug use.

These resources have been purchased nationally and internationally by health and welfare agencies; universities, TAFE, and individual practitioners. Reviews of the resources have been consistently excellent.

Each training resource is accompanied by a detailed set of training notes which enables practitioners to develop their counselling skills, and provide information for trainers running workforce development programs.

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Therapeutic Journeys: Exploring Choice Alcohol and Drug Counselling Skills
53 mins $100
This program features five counselling sessions with a young professional woman and addresses her dependency on cannabis and underlying anxiety issues.

Therapeutic Journeys: Exploring Roadblocks and Effective Counselling
12 mins, $50
Two vignettes of an initial assessment with a reluctant client who has alcohol related problems: the first demonstrates roadblocks; the second effective counselling skills.

Therapeutic Journeys: Counselling Aboriginal Clients and Their Families
Alcohol and Drug Counselling Skills with Adults and Adolescents
38 mins, $120
This program features three counselling sessions with an Aboriginal family.
· An individual session with an adult male client referred for alcohol counselling, as a consequence of losing his driver’s licence.
· A joint session with the client’s two children, explores the impact of their father’s drinking, as well as their own alcohol and other drug use.
· A family session with the father and his children.

Therapeutic Journeys – Mental Health & Drug Problems. Working with Adults
34 mins, $100
Session1: A young woman, experiencing anxiety and panic attacks related to an unwanted sexual encounter presents at a mental health agency.
Session2: A man with alcohol related issues and underlying depression presents at an alcohol and drug agency.

Therapeutic Journeys – Mental Health & Drug Problems. Working with young adults and adolescents
29 mins, $100

Session1: An adolescent client who presents at a mental health agency with concerns about her education reveals that she is using drugs to manage her depression.
Session2: a young woman presents at an alcohol and drug agency concerned about her speed use reveals her underlying anxiety and panic attacks.

Therapeutic Journeys: Counselling Family Members
27 mins, $100
This program demonstrates a brief five-step intervention developed for relatives of drug users in primary care settings. Based on the stress-coping-health model developed by Copello, A., Orford, J., Velleman, R., Templeton, L. & Krishnan, M. (2000a). The DVD features a counselling session between a mother, concerned at her son’s amphetamine use and a family counsellor. The client presents at an alcohol and drug agency as a self-referral.

Therapeutic Journeys: Marital Counselling
57 mins $100
Session 1: a young couple with relationship difficulties including the wife’s concern over her husband’s drug use.
Session 2: the success of attempted changes in the relationship and a lapse by the husband is explored.

Therapeutic Journeys Working with Complex Clients: Unraveling the Chaos
39 mins $110
The counsellor explores a number of presenting problems including the client’s anxiety, her drug use, the risk of harm to her children, suicide risk, relationship difficulties, financial problems and past child sexual abuse.

Therapeutic Journeys Alcohol Counselling Skills: Working with Binge Drinking
45 minutes $100
A young man with problems related to binge drinking is referred into counselling .