Harm reduction and law enforcement CAN be friends

This has to be a positive development yes?

It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that the Law Enforcement And Harm Reduction Network (LEAHRN) website is now live.

The website can be accessed through: www.leahrn.org/

LEAHRN is about bringing law enforcement and harm reduction closer together.

LEAHRN aims to connect people who want to know more about how police and harm reduction services can work together more effectively.

LEAHRN seeks to promote harmony and a better understanding between police and health service providers so that more programs involving clean needles and syringes, methadone, condoms and supervised injecting facilities can be successfully delivered.

The website is still in its formative stages and will undergo further development over the next few weeks, including additional resources and updated information being added regularly.

You can access the LEAHRN Blog – ‘COPS HR’ to write an opinion, make a comment, post news items, ask questions etc etc about issues related to policing and harm reduction. I encourage you to forward the LEAHRN link to others, particularly police, to facilitate connections/discussions between those representing law enforcement and harm reduction agencies.