Youth Drug Support Australia

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“Youth Drug Support Australia

Description: Youth Drug Support, is a website for young people (12 – 25 years) when you’re looking for info, wanting to chat with others or need a question answered. Whether it’s about drugs or alcohol, sex or sexuality or if you’re just having a rough time; you’ll find honest answers to help you make some good choices. There’s news, fact sheets, an interactive poll, a forum, and your opportunity to ask a health professional a question and receive a confidential answer.


1 thought on “Youth Drug Support Australia

  1. Joanna

    Hi James and others,

    First of all thanks for providing this amazing resource. We can’t beleive how much relevant content you have managed to get together. We will be reading for weeks and coming back regularly.

    Also, i noted your post on yds. This site has been long overdue and we are regularly using it as a professional resource to offer our younger clients a forum for their real life concerns.

    Keep up the good work yds and drugblog!

    Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney

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