Online International Master of Science in Addiction Studies

“The University of Adelaide, King’s College London, and Virginia Commonwealth University have created the International Programme in Addiction Studies, an online, 12-month intensive graduate program available to students from all countries. No campus attendance is required; online lectures, assignments, and correspondence will be in English only.

The program is designed to develop professionals who are fully prepared to assume leadership roles in the addictions field throughout the world. Students will study the scientific basis of addiction, comparative epidemiology, evidence-based interventions (including pharmacological, psychosocial, and public health approaches), research methodology, and addictions policy. Lecturers will be selected from among the world’s leading authorities in each of these subject areas, while program directors will be faculty members of the three participating universities. The firm scientific grounding of the program, covering a range of areas from treatment to policy, and its unique international perspective make it appropriate for recent graduates and professionals working in a range of fields such as health, law enforcement, policy, and education.

Graduates of the program will be able to:
· Translate research on addiction into more effective treatment and prevention practices.
· Translate research into more effective policies at the local, state, national, and/or international level to address public health issues.
· Become specialists in addiction by integrating program material into their profession/practice.

The International Programme in Addiction Studies begins in August 2008, and online applications are now being accepted until August 1. For more information about the program, including admission requirements, curriculum outline, and tuition fees, please contact Femke Pijlman, Ph.D., University of Adelaide, .”