News of substance – drugs in the worldwide news

1. – Rwanda: Controlling Drug Abuse in Country. “Many sources including the media, police reports, etc, have revealed that drug and alcohol abuse have affected every area of society in Rwanda. The levels are of course still very low compared to other countries in the region. An addiction is a compulsion to use a substance or persist with certain behaviour in order to feel good or to avoid feeling bad. It can dominate your mind, and keep you coming back for more, while some habits can also create a constant craving in your body. An addiction is different for everyone, depending on your vice and the kind of person you are.”

2. The York Press – Pub defends toilet cameras as a means of tackling drug use. “It is believed to be the first pub in York to introduce CCTV inside its toilet cubicles to combat drug use, but the decision has provoked privacy concerns. The Rose & Crown, in Lawrence Street, installed cameras inside the cubicles in the ladies’ toilets about a month ago following problems with women – and men – using surfaces in the stalls to prepare lines of cocaine to snort.”

3. TechRepublic – Are IT pros prone to drug abuse? “Because of several items I’ve seen in the news lately, I’m starting to develop a complex for IT pros the world over. Last week, I talked about the connection between Asperger’s Syndrome and IT pros. Now there’s a piece in Computerworld by blogger Don Tennant that asks, “How rampant is substance abuse among IT pros?”

4. The Daily Californian – Study Finds Drug Culture Has Grown in Rap. “Although many modern listeners may not realize it, rap has not always promoted drug use as much as it currently does, according to a new campus study.
The study, led by Denise Herd, associate dean for student affairs at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, found that drug references in rap music have multiplied six-fold and have increasingly glamorized drug culture since 1979, when Herd said rap music first gained popularity.”

5. The Scotsman – Laid-back approach is best for cannabis. “ALMOST as if it was imitating the effects of the drug itself, the debate surrounding the reclassification of cannabis has become increasingly hazy of late. The Government’s drug advisory body is expected to recommend it keeps its current class C status, ranking it alongside painkillers and stress medication, rather than return it to class B with the likes of amphetamines. That would once again require police to arrest anyone found in possession of the drug rather than simply caution them. Gordon Brown, though, wants to upgrade it – a move he believes would send out a clear message that smoking dope is damaging to health and socially unacceptable.”

6. ABC News (Australia) – Drug use among construction workers rising: union. “Long hours and big paypackets have been blamed for an increase in methamphetamine use amongst construction workers in Western Australia. The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) estimates the number of union representatives called out to work sites to deal with young drug-affected workers has doubled in the last year.”

7. Globe and Mail (Canada) – A tip to get that monkey off your back. “Monkeys with a low social standing are more likely to use cocaine when they are stressed than high-status animals, a study has found. The results, reported at a conference yesterday in San Diego, offer clues to the social context of drug use and addiction in humans, said Michael Nader, a professor in the department of physiology and pharmacology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina.”

8. The Australian – Ritalin ‘not linked to later drug use’. “USING stimulants like Ritalin to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, particularly younger ones, does not seem to boost the risk of later substance abuse, researchers said today. There has been a debate over whether such medications are the best way to treat ADHD, a condition marked by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour that appears more often in boys than girls.”

9. The Independent – Like Viagra for your brain. “Do you face a mid-afternoon lull that even a double espresso cannot break? Is jet lag the bane of your life, or does that pile of revision seem insurmountable? Or perhaps you’re just fed up yawning your way out of the pub at 9.30pm. Whether modern life leaves you struggling to keep up or just totally exhausted, the answer could be as simple as popping a pill.”

10. Stars and Stripes – Official: Air Force drug testing seems to deter use. “A few years ago, Senior Airman Heather Brewster’s recreational use of painkillers would have gone undetected by the Air Force’s random drug testing program.

Brewster, who formerly worked at a regional drug testing site at RAF Upwood in England, was convicted last week of illegally using the prescription drug oxycodone, falsifying documents and dereliction of her duties in the Air Force’s drug testing program.”

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    You shouldn’t be judging just by the type of music the listen to. Drugs are everywhere no matter the kind of music being listened!

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