News of substance – drugs in the worldwide news

1. The Malay Mail (Malaysia) – Use sports to combat drugs . “Sports should be recognised as an agent of positive change in the fight against drugs as they develop healthy bodies and minds to combat dadah.”

2. Vanguard (Nigeria) – Expert blames robbery and youth restiveness on drug abuse. “DRUG abuse is becoming a pervasive problem and is directly responsible for the increase in robbery, violence and youth restiveness being experienced today in Nigeria, the President of Association of Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria, (AISSON) Dr. Ona Ekhomu, has said.”

3. CBS News (USA) – Kids Flaunt Cough-Syrup Abuse Online. “It’s legal, easy to get and probably in your home right now. But kids are getting high off of it – and plenty of videos online show that. On YouTube, video after video shows kids flaunting their highs, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports. Kids saying: “My brain is like whoo,” “I’m like flying right now,” and “I’m tripping so hard,” are all on the same drug: DXM. DXM is dextromethorphan, the cough-suppressant found in more than 100 over-the-counter cough medicines.”

4. – Drug use rife in Australian workforce. “ONE in eight Australians are testing positive to drugs at work – a rate that has more than doubled over the past decade. More than 5 per cent of employees are also abusing illicit drugs in high-risk jobs, according to new statistics obtained by The Daily Telegraph.”

5. – Steve-O Writes ‘Goodbye Letter’ To Drugs, Details Past Substance Abuse In E-mail From Rehab. “Steve-O is calling it quits. On Sunday, the “Jackass” star transferred himself from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to an undisclosed rehab facility. He has sworn off drugs and on Thursday (March 20), he wrote a “goodbye letter” to alcohol, marijuana, nitrous oxide, amphetamines, LSD, ketamine and cocaine, just one week before his arraignment for a charge of cocaine possession.”

6. Science Daily – Many Moms Use Cigarettes, Marijuana, Alcohol During Pregnancy; Dads Don’t Help, Study Suggests. “Despite public health campaigns, a surprising number of women continue to use substances such as tobacco, marijuana and alcohol during pregnancy and their usage rebounds to pre-pregnancy levels within two years of having a baby, according to a new University of Washington study.”

7. Miami Herald – Lifelines on the line. “Proposed cuts threaten Fla. drug treatment programs. A year ago, Esther Guzman wanted her crack pipe more than her kids. In her heart, she hoped to come clean for her children’s sake, but her cocaine addiction lured her to the rock.”

8. AlterNet – Overdose Death Rate Surges, Legal Drugs Are Mostly to Blame. “Oxycontin, Lorcet, and other pain control drugs are the leading cause of the tens of thousands of annual drug overdoses — why the silence? According to a little noticed January report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drug overdoses killed more than 33,000 people in 2005, the last year for which firm data are available. That makes drug overdose the second leading cause of accidental death, behind only motor vehicle accidents (43,667) and ahead of firearms deaths (30,694).”

9. Daily Egyptian Suide – Suicide and substance abuse policies mimic each other “A new policy allowing students to receive help for substance abuse problems stemmed from a similar policy for potentially suicidal students, a health representative said.”

10. Joy Online (Ghana) – Use of cocaine as aphrodisiac on the increase. “An increasing number of Ghanaians are now using hard drugs as aphrodisiacs, a narcotic expert, Dr J. B. Asare, has said. He said some Ghanaians, particularly the youth, even resort to the use of cocaine as aphrodisiac to enhance their sexual performance and ability to socialise.”

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  1. Jessiree

    I am Esther Guzman 13 year old duaghter who which i think learned enough about what drugs does to you and how it ruined my bonding with my mother and after awhile it seemed there was no more family. but since the day my mother entered and graduated that was the best thing that has ever happened to me and her even my brother 10,12 and sister 5yrs of age. thank you so much i say the help of DRUG TREATMENT REHABS WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TODAY and if you are a drug addict or achol addict KEEP GOING TO MEETINGs it works if you work it and keep coming back. like i said thank you so much

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