Co-occurring disorders – new resources available

For those interested in Co-occurring disorders may find the following interesting:

“The USAs Federal Co-occurring Disorders Centre for Excellence has just released 3 new publications in their Co-occurring Disorders Overview Papers Series.

The new overviews are:

1. Services Integration

This overview paper defines and explains services integration and differentiates services integration from systems integration.

Services integration refers to the process of merging previously separate clinical services at the level of the individual to meet the substance abuse, mental health, and other needs of persons with co-occurring disorders (COD). The paper examines issues concerning the context, content, approaches, and processes that promote and inhibit services integration.

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2. Systems Integration

A growing body of research demonstrates that integrated services produce better outcomes for individuals with co-occurring disorders (COD), particularly those with more serious or complex conditions. Systems integration supports the provision of integrated services. In addition to distinguishing between systems integration and services integration, this paper describes the organizational structures and processes that can promote or inhibit systems integration. The paper encourages the use of creative thinking to obtain and effectively use funding and provides examples of successful initiatives in systems integration at the local and State levels. Although evaluation of the process of systems integration is still in its infancy, one measure of systems integration outcomes is discussed.

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The Epidemiology of Co-occurring Disorders

The paper is presented in two parts. Part 1 is intended for non-scientists and explains what epidemiology is and how it can be used by practitioners, administrators, and policymakers. Part 1 also presents some highlights from past epidemiologic studies of co-occurring disorders (COD) (see Literature Highlights) and introduces three major national studies that are regularly used as sources of information on the nature and extent of COD problems in the United States.

Part 2 presents some detailed technical information on these three studies and is intended for audiences who have some familiarity with epidemiologic methods.

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Earlier Overview papers (also downloadable) include:

1. Definitions and Terms Relating to Co-Occurring Disorders

2 Screening, Assessment, and Treatment Planning for Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders

3. Overarching Principles To Address the Needs of Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders

4. Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders in Non-Traditional Service Settings

5. Understanding Evidence-Based Practices for Co-Occurring Disorders”.

I feel very old and ill-informed as I was unaware that dual diagnosis was now co-occurring disorders…… Thanks to Gary Croton for posting this info to the ADCA Update list,