Multiple roles available (Queensland)

“QuIHN is currently recruiting for a range of clinical roles:

1. Parent, Child and Family Outreach Support Service

QuIHN has recently received new funding to expand upon current services supporting families affected by mental illness and/or substance abuse/dependence. Services offered will include:
– Providing support to families that will help to protect the current and future health and well-being of children who may be at risk as a result of residing in families affected by mental illness and/or substance abuse
– Supporting parents to reduce the obstacles to positive parenting that exist as a direct/indirect result of mental illness, including counselling for their own mental illness and/or substance abuse
– Counselling for significant others directly and/or indirectly affected by mental illness and/or substance abuse

This program requires four new clinicians:

Program Manager (Brisbane) (Full-Time/SACS6:$50,000-$52,399+SalSac)
Case Manager (Brisbane) (Full-time/SACS5:$43,350-$45,423+SalSac)
Case Manager (Sunshine Coast) (Full-time/SACS5:$43,350-$45,423+SalSac)
Case Manager (Gold Coast) (Full-time/SACS5:$43,350-$45,423+SalSac)
Application Packs can be downloaded from

[These new positions have been made possible by new funding under the federal Dept FACSIA’s Mental Health Community Based Program]

2. InHouse Counselling Service

Case Manager (Brisbane) (Part-time:22.5hrs/SACS4:$24,114-$25,358+SalSac)

This eclectic role will have a dual diagnosis focus (cooccurring mental health- and substance-related disorders) and wil l primarily involve:
– Initial screening and assessments
– Client-directed counselling aimed at working with IDUs contemplating changes to their drug use and related mental health concerns; or making changes either by reducing or abstaining from use, or sustaining change with the aim of entering longer-term care (eg, therapeutic community)
– Educating and supporting significant others
– Some co-facilitation of psychosocial education groups

This position requires a non-judgmental individual, who would enjoy working as part of a small, multidisciplinary team.

New graduates are encouraged to apply for this latter position.

Application Packs can be downloaded from here

To have an application pack mailed or emailed to you please contact 07 36208111 or

Applications close 5pm Monday 10 December, 2007 for ALL of the above positions.”