E-chatter 3

With thanks to Drug Blog contributor Paul Gallagher, who posts to the ADCA update list with comprehensive links on current online news and debate in relation to AOD:

* “International Human Rights Jurisprudence on Issues relating to Drug Use and Harm Reduction”:- Law and Health Initiative Open Society Institute New York. 15th March 2007. 24p. PDF;

* Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health: Current Evidence – May-June 2007

* Largest U.S. Newspaper endorses random drug testing

* Random Drug testing spreads, one school a week

* White House and Cocaine – “never let anyone claim that supply side enforcement is effective without a very robust challenge – the evidence against this assertion is clear, overwhelming and acknowledged by all credible sources, official and independent”.

* Clinicopharmacotherapeutics of Benzo and Z Tapering using Diazepam

* Review Finds Ways of Helping Children of Drug and Alcohol Misusers

* Lakeview Health urges Focus on Dual Diagnosis
According to staff members of the Lakeview Health Center, a center for alcohol and drug rehab in Florida, after many years of research and development, dual diagnosis services for clients with severe mental illness are emerging as an evidence-based practice.

* Aussie ‘Ice’ cost escalates

* Family First go ZT on alcohol – Family First has unveiled a radical plan to tackle Australia’s binge drinking culture and spare future generations the cost of endemic alcohol abuse.

* UK Focal Point – Department of Health – Annual Reports

* Cops and Hippies worried over Chill in Nimbin– An unlikely alliance of NSW police and pro-marijuana campaigners is concerned about escalating violence fuelled by hard drugs in the northern NSW hippie town of Nimbin.

* Iraq: Drug abuse in children rising