E-chatter 2

With thanks to Drug Blog contributor Paul Gallagher, who posts to the ADCA update list with comprehensive links on current online news and debate in relation to AOD:

*Cannabis and Drug Abuse. How should schools respond?

*Neurology may better Addiction Therapy:
Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, last night outlined a series of scientific findings which may revolutionize treatment for drug addiction.

*Tobacco HR;

*Nicotine may increase brain function;

*Spiritual Programme to wean youth from drugs, alcohol;

*Toxicologist warns against new abuse threat:
An internationally recognised toxicologist at the University of Newcastle has warned of the dangers of abusing the drug benzylpiperazine.
Professor Alison Jones said benzylpiperazine was a “new drug of abuse” which could have serious clinical effects – similar to those of ecstasy to which it is structurally related.
The finding appears in a paper co-authored by Professor Jones in this week’s edition of the prestigious international medical journal – The Lancet.

*One in Four Freed Offenders fail to keep clean – Adelaide;

*Warning on Lethal “Legal E”;

*UK police want to ticket cannabis smokers;

*Readers offer support/advice for Uni lecturer who scored heroin for her son;

*US cocaine purity increases, price drops;

*Mailing Information to at risk, reduced Binge Drinking by 10%;
Mailing a simple information pamphlet to interested drinkers in the general population reduced binge drinking by 10 per cent, and is a promising public health approach to reduce the health and social problems associated with heavy drinking, shows a new study led by the University of Alberta.