Consensus – is it actually possible?

One of the things I’d like to do on the Drug Blog is post information from regular readers. One such reader is Greg Iverson, who’s put forward the following thoughts, based on some recent emails on the ADCA Update list:


Is it just me or is anyone else gob-smacked by the constant lies,
half-truths and stream of misinformation that comes out places like the DFA
and the variety of individuals involved with that group?

I thought that they were a Christian based group – at least, the majority of
the lead members of the DFA seem to be heavily involved in their respective

Now, and pardon me if I am wrong here, but don’t these same people preach
that one should avoid lying or ‘bearing false witness’ at all costs?

How do they balance the fact that they deliberately send out misleading (and
sometimes, straight out false) information and their supposed Christian
values on telling the truth?

All I can see that this tactic does, is to stop any actual accurate
information that they may come across to be dismissed as more of the same
ill-informed rhetoric (not very smart on their behalf if you ask me). We
have learnt from prior experience that the information that they send out
cannot be relied upon – it has been shown on the Drugtalk list in many previous

Hypocrisy is never a pretty thing to see.

Is it done to catch the attention of the media (who will always look for
sensationalism)? Is it being done as a spoiling tactic to stop actual good
work and information from being disseminated? Is it due to some outdated
determination to stick to a dogma?

I am not saying that all people involved in these groups behave in this
manner, but there certainly seems to be a hard core group on DrugTalk
and Update that are not great advertisements for their various religious
bodies that they proudly claim to represent. I’d be interested to hear
others suggestion on this

At least Colliss – although I feel he is more often than not wrong in his
opinions – doesn’t stoop that low (unless I missed something sometime, which
I am sure others here will correct me on).

Greg Iverson