2007 predictions

Hi everyone,

Was just interested to see if anyone had prognostications for 2007 as far as AOD goes? I’m thinking particularly of the political climate. The NSW state election is first cab off the rank in March – I can’t see any great changes in approach from a Iemma government successfully re-elected and I’m assuming a change in policy would occur if Peter Debnam’s team are elected. I’ll start a seperate post for the NSW election during January – it might provide for some interesting discussion.

On the Federal front, it’s most likely an election will occur during 2007 as well. Institutions like the ANCD seem to be really well ensconced at that level and I’d be surprised if they were changes should there be a change in government, but again, an ALP government would take a different approach to health policy and this would be reflected in AOD policy. I’ll start a seperate post as well on the Federal election in a few months but in the meantime, anyone have some predictions for 2007?